Tuesday, December 24, 2013

1984 Punjabi Movie

'1984 Punjab', an upcoming Punjabi film and a dream project for Diljit Dosanjh, who's playing the lead role in the film. According to sources, the film couldn't find a producer for quite sometime; However, now we hear that the film is being produced by Gunbir Singh Sidhu (producer of Jatt & Juliet 2). More news to be followed soon. Keep checking PUNJABI PORTAL for latest updates, Thank You!

Film: 1984 Punjab

Cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa, Kirron Kher, Amrinder Gill, Pawan Malhotra, & others . . .

Director: Anurag Singh

Producer: Gunbir Singh Sidhu

Release Date: 2013/2014

Movie: 1984 Punjab
Star Cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Amrinder Gill and many others
Director: Anurag Singh
Producer: Gunbir Singh Sidhu

1984 Punjab is the next upcoming Punjabi movie in which famous Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh will be playing the lead role.
The movie is not able to get producer for it. Talking about this Diljit said, “It’s very unfortunate that a film on such a sensitive topic cannot find any takers. No one is ready to fund the film so far, though Anurag Singh (who earlier directed ‘Yaar Anmulle’) and I are ready with the film’s script and stuff, no producer is willing to invest money into it. Everyone wants to make a masala film, and this kind of a film is a risk which no one wants to run.”

The subject of the movie touches a chord with Punjabis. Related to the agenda of the movie diljit said, “Anurag is doing a lot of research on real life cases of boys who left homes, or were made to leave homes, during that fateful year of 1984. And our film will focus on one such boy who left home but now wants to return and the kind of hurdles he faces on his journey back home.”

The movie is said to be Diljit’s dream project. And being passionate about the project he said, “If God gave me that kind of money, I would have loved to produce this film myself.”

And now after 2 years,Producer Gunbir Singh is ready to produce the movie. “I never gave up hope for my pet project, 1984 despite it lying in cold storage for at least 2 years now. Finally, the co-producer of Jatt & Juliet 2, Gunbir Singh Sidhu has shown the guts to produce this film, badi himmat dikhai hi ena ne. It will be directed by Anurag himself. And when I say, badi himmat dikhai, I also mean that despite seeing the hashar of such film, as we saw with the recent movie Sadda Haq. Sidhu saab was ready to come on board. But we aren’t aiming at depicting any controversy in this film, though it’s set in 1984 Punjab, It’s just a touching narrative.”

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